Join our Board of Directors

Sportswomen of Colorado has a great opportunity to get involved with the organization and join in the work to promote, honor and empower Colorado girls and women in sport!

We are currently looking for a couple of new Board members. To be considered, please complete the application on this page.

Board requirements:

  • Attend 80% of our meetings each year. We have a working Board that meets 10 times per year on Thursday mornings at 9am
  • Serve for a minimum of one term (3 years)
  • Represent the organization, and serve as an ambassador and spokesperson
  • Keep up-to-date on the business of the organization
  • Make an annual personally significant financial contribution to the organization
  • Help solicit donations and sponsorships for the organization and its events
  • Make every effort to attend and volunteer at our Fall Fundraiser and our Annual Awards Celebration

Sportswomen of Colorado is looking for:

  • Commitment to and knowledge of women’s athletics
  • Colorado resident
  • Commitment to soliciting sponsorship and donations for our events
  • Expertise that can benefit our organization (ex: legal, marketing, etc.)